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A freelance film & voice actor, writer & full-time creative raised in Kentucky, braised in Los Angeles & residing in Dallas, I've gratefully participated in film, TV, theater, video games, animation, audio books, commercials & more since the age of 18. Alongside a B.A. in acting, I've studied at Berg Studios under Yale instructor Gregory Berger-Sobeck, as well as Adrian LaTourelle, Desean Terry & many others. 

Other words on my resume: handyman, canvasser, fisherman, tutor, photographer, production designer, music supervisor, producer, published poet, painter & ditch digger.


Daniel Van Thomas gives a riveting, 

meaningful performance that penetrates through the screen.


Thomas is soulful and dedicated. Powerful, well-acted, and expertly executed. – Ain't It Cool News

Like some kind of beast [...] so captivating and up close that you won't be able to think about anything else. – We Like LA 

...played to a menacing crescendo by Daniel Van Thomas, the combination of his natural, terrifying presence coupled with intense delivery is the cinematic equivalent of nail on head. – Dark Bites

Daniel Van Thomas is by far the standout. He’s convincing, articulate, endearing. He is a REAL actor.

– Horror Society

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